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Main Advantages

☑ Machining accuracy 0.2~0.1mm,work efficiency: (for eg. Φ2.5x10mm 5s~10s/pc, 2880pcs~5760pcs/day)

☑ Full digital control, no need to change fixtures, switch to another product in 10 minutes.

☑ The machine can store 304 sets of parameters and call them at any time.

☑ The system has the function of automatically compensating the length of the bit, and automatically finding the position of the bit after replacing the bit or the product.

Professional Experience

Our equipments have been sold to over 20 countries, most of our customers are first-tier OEM supplier.

Strong R&D Ability

We have professional R&D team, our engineers have over 10 years' equipment developing experience.

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